I have a weakness for romantic comedies because they combine my two favorite things: comedy, and pining for a relationship I don’t have. On the advice of Rotten Tomatoes, I…

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Sunday night my phone beeped out the cheery, SNES-inspired tune I use for emails. It’s the beginning of November, so the story I submitted back in October to the magazine…

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Adventures In Failure

Something is wrong with this site server-side, and while I have the my best-trained monkeys trying to fix it, you may get the occasional (read: nigh-constant) “502” error. If you…

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I suspect there isn’t a Canadian alive who hasn’t heard about what happened in Ottawa today. You might have missed it but Prime Minister Harper just addressed the nation. In…

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Thanks to a horrid bit of miscommunication and a buggy plugin, the website has been down for the past week or so. As you can see, that is no longer…

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Because I’m not great at this social media thing, I actually also write things on Wattpad if you want to read them. They’re found here! Check them out!

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While normally I shy away from chain posts on Facebook, I’m succumbing to this one because it’s about me AND I get to talk about books so win/win. The game…

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